Is Perfectionism Slowing You Down?

Have you ever been faced with a project that, for some reason, you just can’t seem to get yourself to move forward on? Have you ever considered the fact that it might be perfection that’s holding you back? In some cases, that is true. Some individuals get so caught up in the idea that everything they’re going to put forth and introduce to the public has to be perfect.

In reality, there is no perfect. If you put your best into everything that you do, and you call upon trusted mentors and advisors for input, the product you offer and the service you provide will be as perfect as you can make it. There are three ways  you can help propel your projects forward and let go of the perfection procrastination:

  1. Focus on the final outcome and how your clients and potential clients will benefit from what you have to offer.
  2. Practice lends itself to your personal perfection. The product or service you’re offering is valuable in the market because only you possess your particular brand of expertise.
  3. Be open to mistakes. Everyone makes them. Be big enough to own up to them. If you have a typo on a press release or in a blog post, thank the person that points it out and fix it. You’re only human!

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