Delegate To Success

Delegation – The 80% Rule!

Delegating tasks correctly is critical for anyone who wants to succeed. Don’t get stuck micromanaging–and stunt your companies growth.

I’ve had to learn which tasks can be delegated to others and which tasks I’m better off taking on myself. Focus on tasks with the biggest impact on the growth of your company, and delegate everything else.

Analyze your business practices and determine which tasks you can delegate to be efficient and effective with your time. Here are my tips for determining what to delegate, and how to do it:

Keep it affordable.  Delegate tasks you can pay someone less than you pay yourself to accomplish. That way, you protect the time to earn your own rate of $x an hour or more. This is another great way to keep your focus.

Stay focused. Entrepreneurs should focus on tasks that have the biggest impact on growth. Delegate everything else. Stay focused so your company growth isn’t stunted.

80% is good enough! Perfection is the key to failure, not success. Learn to accept 80 percent as good enough, and don’t sweat the small stuff. The last 20 percent can take forever, so don’t get hung up on perfection.  In fact most of the requirements that arise to complete the last 20% will become more clear once you have executed at the 80% level.  Many of these tasks can be easily completed by others further expanding your time.

Don’t micromanage.  Learn to let go of excessive control and attention to detail. That way, innovation can flourish. Remember, 80 percent is all you need to achieve and striving for more is the path to micromanagement.

Focus on administration, sales, and production. The top tasks to delegate are: appointment and calendar management, billing, office management, production, and sales. Take a look at your daily tasks to eliminate those without goals and focus on tasks you absolutely need.

Pass authority. Give full ownership to the person you want to accomplish a task. Trust your team and let them know why their tasks matter. Knowing the “why” is important for your employees to see the bigger picture, allowing them to think creatively.

Delegating tasks is key for any business looking to grow. Follow these tips to know what to delegate to avoid squashing progress.

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